The most scientific approach
to fitness


    Our approach

    We start with a proper and highly detailed body assessment. We begin by analyzing several important parameters, testing the composition of your body, including the muscle mass, fat ratio, and visceral fat.

    We test the mobility and flexibility in your joints, your level of hydration, protein, and mineral intake. Then we do a cardio test. This gives us a complete and very detailed overview of your health so we can tailor a customized roadmap to your perfect fitness and health.

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    We improve your health and fitness using customized scientific programs

    Cardio respiratory tests

    Neurokinetic Tests

    Anthropometric measurements

    Athletic motor skills test

    What our clients said

    Joining bestrong over two years ago was nothing less than revolutionary, I not only “did” fitness but I was taught about it, about not just looking good but about most importantly my body’s long term health. I cannot thank coach Alex enough for his patience, dedication and transformation of how I look and how I feel. Their approach is about long term relationships not a “quick fix” which in itself is rare in the Dubai fitness jungle.

    Julie Faris

    Global Strategic Partnership Director I EightInc

    What our clients said

    It is incredible what our bodies are capable of especially when there is a strategy behind physical conditioning. Training with Be Strong Scientific Fitness is the integral part of my preparation for the high altitude climbs helping me to achieve the stronger and enduring version of me so important for multi-day expeditions.

    Ksenia Aseeva

    Head of Creative Operations I Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency

    What our clients said

    Wills is an excellent trainer and even a better person! He combines a deep knowledge of the various training methods with anatomy and biomechanics. This makes him capable of assisting his clients for all ranges of training related needs, from recovery to strengthening and conditioning. He is also very empathic although he keeps always the performance bar high.

    Alfonso Perfetto

    Lead Process Engineer at Progetti Europa & Global S.p.A

    What our clients said

    Having previously tried a number of different training programs, I always used to end up having lower back pain. However, at Be Strong my trainer Vladimir has taken a more holistic view by planning out a training program which works around strengthening my core issues and it has worked out extremely well for me. There has been a significant improvement in my flexibility, stamina, movement and lower back issues.

    Fahad Shaikh

    Director, Research. EFG Hermes

    What our clients said

    Be Strong have completely changed my approach to fitness. They take an holistic approach to your overall fitness and well-being. Through strength and weight training I have been able to change my body shape through decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass. I am now more toned, much stronger physically and my stability, mobility and flexibility have all improved.

    Karis Kettlety

    Head of Human Resources, Commercial Bank of Dubai

    What our clients said

    A lifestyle change did not mean deprived and suffering. It also did not mean exhausted and overworked. It is a balance. But most of all is discipline. The discipline to eat healthy; the discipline to exercise regularly; and the discipline of find motivation in any form and use it to progress. A lifestyle change should develop into a habit, not a temporary mission to achieve a goal and stop. It should be a turning point, not a detour.

    Osama Mannan

    Regional Manager, Thorlux Lighting

    Athletic development program

    To be a professional and successful athlete requires a lot of hard work and dedication nowadays. That, however, is largely misunderstood. In order to allow our body to develop properly and to reach its maximum potential, we need to apply the right methods at the right time which is essential in Be Strong’s systematic approach.

    Rehabilitation strength program

    Whether it is the rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain caused by sitting for too long, or deformities caused by improper development, many years of experience have shown that in most cases recovery depends on the combination of your will, and the expertise of the private personal trainer to adjust the program.

    Weight loss program

    Obesity has been one of the biggest health problems in the world. Unsurprisingly, a lot of research focused on the causes of obesity and on the means of how to prevent and treat it. Many seem to think that a lack of willpower causes belly fat and obesity. That is not entirely true.

    Semi private program

    Our semi-private training packages are designed for people aiming to reach their goals in a more interactive environment. The program is based on small groups, customized and personalized depending on the goals of certain fitness programs. Workouts are based on improving mobility, stability, strength and cardio segments.