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    Fahad Bubshait


    I hurt my back while turning to my daughter to see why she was crying. My wife saw me in pain and she called her friend and they called Alex. Alex always came with a scientific approach while working out. Now, when I’m doing any sport activities, I feel every single part of my body fires at the same time.

    Mark East


    I chose Be Strong is because I have problems with my shoulders, I’m also diabetic type 2 and I generally had to get fitter and lose weight. I wanted someone that could understand my body almost like a fitness coach and a physiotherapist at the same time. That’s why I chose Be Strong.

    Miroslav Slavuj


    I’m a pilot, we have a lot of long flights where we sit for 5 to 6 hours, so that gave me a little bit trauma in my back. I spoke with my friend and they told me to contact Alex from Be Strong. The exercises helped me to balance both sides of my back. After 3 months there was no pain at all so I continued to work out to get stronger and not to get my pain back.

    Mark Rogers

    I tore my meniscus and after the surgery I was recommended to do strength training. I was also a paddler for 25 years and I developed problems with rotator cuff and shoulders. My friend introduced me to Ogi from Be Strong and it’s going pretty well.

    Noura Badawi


    Due to arthritis and surgery I had pain and my range and motion ability got very bad. I joined Be Strong because I wanted to feel pain free, more fit, much younger and full of energy. I was lucky enough to work with Alex. With Be Strong, you feel stronger, more positive and younger and that makes your life not only physically stronger just in in general you are much a stronger person.

    Scott Feasey


    I’ve always loved sport. After I finished the triathlon, I was in a lot of pain to the fact that I couldn’t walk 10 minutes without being excruciating pain down my leg. Then with Be Strong I started to train, started to stretch, started to work slowly to release the muscles and build them up again. Now I’m running back on the treadmill. It’s all thanks to these guys at Be Strong.

    Tewe Pannier


    When I was young I did a lot of sports and when I got older I didn’t do much. Since I started training I feel fitter, I feel more conscious about my body and it’s a great feeling. I’m my way into my 50’s now and I almost wish I started earlier with this training but I think it’s never too late. It sounds weird, but Be Strong really changed my life.

    Raha Moharrak


    Thanks to Be Strong I achieved my goal of climbing the highest mountain peak of North America, Denali. Training with Alex help me to finish my dream and become the first Saudi woman to achieve the 7 Summit Challenge.

    Our approach

    We start with a proper and highly detailed body assessment. We begin by analyzing several important parameters, testing the composition of your body, including the muscle mass, fat ratio, and visceral fat.

    We test the mobility and flexibility in your joints, your level of hydration, protein, and mineral intake. Then we do a cardio test. This gives us a complete and very detailed overview of your health so we can tailor a customized roadmap to your perfect fitness and health.

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    We improve your health and fitness using customized scientific programs

    Cardio respiratory tests

    Neurokinetic Tests

    Anthropometric measurements

    Athletic motor skills test

    Athletic development program

    To be a professional and successful athlete requires a lot of hard work and dedication nowadays. That, however, is largely misunderstood. In order to allow our body to develop properly and to reach its maximum potential, we need to apply the right methods at the right time which is essential in Be Strong’s systematic approach.

    Rehabilitation strength program

    Whether it is the rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain caused by sitting for too long, or deformities caused by improper development, many years of experience have shown that in most cases recovery depends on the combination of your will, and the expertise of the private personal trainer to adjust the program.

    Weight loss program

    Obesity has been one of the biggest health problems in the world. Unsurprisingly, a lot of research focused on the causes of obesity and on the means of how to prevent and treat it. Many seem to think that a lack of willpower causes belly fat and obesity. That is not entirely true.

    Semi private program

    Our semi-private training packages are designed for people aiming to reach their goals in a more interactive environment. The program is based on small groups, customized and personalized depending on the goals of certain fitness programs. Workouts are based on improving mobility, stability, strength and cardio segments.