Initial assessment and designing personal training programs.

Learn the principles of designing personal training program based on scientific facts with practical examples and why Be Strong initial assessment is unique and successful.

Be strong workshops/courses in Dubai are based on knowledge, skills, science, results and experience of our highly educated and certified master coaches/personal trainers with a primary wish to share that with other professionals and educate future generations as well.

Idea is to raise the bar together because we believe that training (fitness) philosophy and methodology is still very young science compared with other professions.

Our mission is to have an open mind and critical opinion about every exercise, training/workout, researches and programs because we are dealing with people’s health daily.

On top of that, our vision is to help people, to improve their health, performance and confidence. Be strong workshops contain a theoretical, practical and interactive approach with new researches, updates about training technique or exercise, based on scientific facts and experience of our coaches.

Workshops are made for certified personal trainers, fitness instructors, movement specialists, physiotherapists etc.


Take advantage of discounts for early registration and secure your place at a price of 500. At April 16, the registration price will be 750