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Free Assessment

We test the mobility and flexibility in your joints, your level of hydration, protein, and mineral intake. Then we do a cardio test. This gives us a complete and detailed overview of your health so we can create a customized roadmap to your perfect fitness and health.

Choosing the Program

Based on your needs and wants, we create a customized program that will get you in the best shape of your life. They are all based on improving the mobility, stability, strength, and cardio segments with a single goal in mind – getting you fit and healthy.

Outstanding Coaches

All our trainers graduated from renowned universities and have degrees in sports science. They all have many years of experience in working with athletes, rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries, weight loss programs, and correcting deformities in children and teenagers.

The Ultimate Fitness Experience

I chose Be Strong is because I have problems with my shoulders, I’m also diabetic type 2 and I generally had to get fitter and lose weight. I wanted someone that could understand my body almost like a fitness coach and a physiotherapist at the same time. That’s why I chose Be Strong.

Mark East

General Manager

Microsoft education group

Thanks to Be Strong I achieved my goal of climbing the highest mountain peak of North America, Denali.

Training with Alex helped me to finish my dream and become the first Saudi woman to achieve the 7 Summit Challenge.

Raha Moharrak

Mountain Climber

Saudi Arabia

I hurt my back while turning to my daughter to see why she was crying. My wife saw me in pain and she called her friend and they called Alex. Alex always came with a scientific approach while working out. Now, when I’m doing any sports activities, I feel every single part of my body fires at the same time.

Fahad Bubshait

Founder & CEO


Due to arthritis and surgery, I had pain and my range and motion ability got very bad. I was lucky enough to work with Alex. With Be Strong, you feel stronger, more positive, and younger and that makes your life not only physically stronger just in general you are much a stronger person.

Noura Badawi

Chief Communications Officer


The ultimate fitness and health experience