The unique scientific and professional approach to the exercise of the be strong scientific fitness is based on extensive scientific research and practical training experience. Our philosophy is there are no universal exercise programs, group programs and other similar forms of training. based on very detailed and reliable diagnostic tests results and examinations, every client receives an individually devised and tailored training program. With this type of exercise and prescribed diet which satisfies all nutritional and energy needs of a body, it is possible to achieve the desired results effectively. During the training, each client has a trainer who takes care of every detail of the prescribed program, controls the load using the resistance of their own body during the floor exercises, without exercise machines and weights, and leads specific exercises on the treadmill, ergometric bicycle or exercises in motion.

Personalized training programĀ 

Be strong team is providing online personal training programs based on individual and specific criteria for every client. Our online trainers will assess your current condition, prepare personalized program related to client goal, deliver coaching sessions and modified if necessary. Duty of client is to follow up instructions and choose a location (home workout, gym, outdoor etc.) with our online programs, you can save money, distance, time difference and enjoy in your own environment to get the best results.