Pain Management

What causes pain

Pain is often caused by muscular Imbalance when one muscle works too hard because another muscle isn’t working hard enough. The pain can often be in overworking muscle, but sometimes it can be somewhere else in a completely different area in an unrelated muscle. Neurokinetic therapy enables us to find the cause of the pain by identifying the muscle imbalance and correcting it using the Trigger Point massage or corrective exercises.

Pain relief therapy

No matter how small, any injury or pain can create a long-lasting negative impact on the body. This happens through the development of compensation patterns the body uses to avoid any painful or uncomfortable movements. 
At Be Strong, we use various modalities such as NeuroKinetic Therapy, the Functional Movement Screen, Postural Assessments, and Anthropometric testing to find the underlying cause of your pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. Using some of the mentioned assessments, we treat pain such as back pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain, joint pain treatment, muscle pain, sciatica nerve pain, etc.
Finding the cause and proper natural cure leads to quicker and long-lasting pain relief resolution and overall better quality of life.

Also, conditions like osteoarthritis & arthritis affect every single part of life. Right movement is essential. We understand we care and we want to help you to never give up and improve your daily life.

Lower back pain relief

Our client was having low back pain after trying to help his daughter, mainly on the right. He also mentioned that since his back pain started, he also felt pain when he rotated on the side and felt weak and even sore in some movements.

We did a neurokinetic test where we found that his Wuadratus lumborum muscle was neurologically overactive for his Glute max, Psoas and Transverse Abdominis.

After releasing the tight Quadratus lumborum we activated the affected

muscles and identified that the primary compensation was Wuadratus lumborum overactive for neurologically underactive Transverse Abdominis.

After clearing up the dysfunctional patterns his back pain was completely gone, and he felt much stronger and without soreness.

Neck pain relief

When it comes to NECK PAIN usually is not a neck problem.

Often see clients who complain of neck pain, and with Neurokinetic testing, it is easy to identify the cause. However, sometimes there are no identifiable dysfunctional patterns in the neck muscles, meaning the problem and the symptoms are not in the same place. In these cases, we often find that the culprit is poor scapular control. When someone has poor control of their scapula, which is usually accompanied by a restricted range of motion (ROM) in the shoulder, it often places a lot of stress on the neck.

Using the Joint-by-Joint approach, we see that a lack of shoulder ROM creates a lack of ROM in the upper cervical spine. This can cause neck pain, even though the problem is in the shoulder. NKT would then identify the muscular imbalances and dysfunctional patterns in the shoulder to improve the neck pain. Symptoms are a great place to start, but sometimes the problem is in a different location. Test, don’t guess! NKT is a great way to determine the exact dysfunctional relationship, helping resolve the pattern as quickly as possible.

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