Whether it is the rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain caused by sitting for too long, or deformities caused by improper development, many years of experience have shown that in most cases recovery depends on the will of the client, but also the expertise of the private personal trainer to adjust the program.

Our body and your fitness levels have changed during time, it’s not uncommon to jump right back into an old workout routine, knowing your body is assuredly different than it was during your last workout.

But it’s of the utmost importance that you assess your fitness before beginning any fitness program even with a physical exercise trainer.


Assessing your fitness should include checking your strength, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, and more.

Most joint, muscle, and nerve (sciatica) pain can be relieved naturally

In Be Strong, we are dealing with joint pain (lower back pain relief, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.) And muscle pain. Our rehabilitation exercise/treatments are non-pharma logical based on neurokinetic tests and movement like a primary tool to pain relief naturally either in joint, muscle, nerve (sciatica).

Be Strong procedures are including physical therapy, pain relief training, back pain relief, pain management, changing movement patterns, which are causing pain.

We are dealing with causes, not symptoms, and consequences!

What you’ll get out of gauging your fitness before you attempt to get fit?