Semi-private training program

Semi private training packages in Be Strong are designed for people who wants to reach their goals in more interactive environment. Program is based on small groups, customized and personalized related to the individual and goal of certain fitness program. Workouts are based on improving mobility, stability, strength and cardio segment. We are also providing small group programs for athletes to reach their ultimate performance, kids/teenagers to improve their motor skills and for seniors to improve their health. Training sessions are guided by 1 coach/personal trainer and 2-4 people/clients in the group. Reason for that is ability of the coach to explain/ demonstrate training/exercise and follow individual/group performance related with settled goal.

Semi-private training programs could be provided indoor (gyms, halls) and outdoor (sport courts, beach).


Before you start, it’s required to know:

1. Apply through our website and you will recieve call from our representative.

2. Before you start with any Be Strong training program, initial assessment is mandatory.

3. Training groups will be made related with your current physical condition and goal.

Benefits from semi-individual trainings:

– interactive social environment
– affordable price
– motivational aspect

If you are interested, call us +971553872637