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Nemanja Lunic



Since 2010 practicing fitness became his great passion and later professional occupation. He has all the knowledge acquired in the field of sports and exercise, as well as the knowledge acquired at Faculty of Medicine in the field of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and kinesitherapy in order to enable the safest possible training for his clients with maximum result achievement.. Also he is led by the guidelines provided by some of the most recognized exercise and health organizations in the world such as the “American College of Sports Medicine” and the “National Strength and Conditioning Association”. By attending a personal training course within the Union for Fitness and Recreation of Vojvodina, at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, in duration 120 hours, he has acquired the title of certified personal trainer.



After completing his studies in 2015, he started working at the International fitness center “World Class” Serbia in Novi Sad as a personal trainer. So far, he has worked with over 70 clients. He is very a very calm and supportive coach. Also, next to being a personal trainer, he was a coordinator from 2016 till 2019. He organized and coordinated the work of 25 personal trainers at the World Class Fitness Center, and also holds numerous educational workshops and lectures on exercise and health within the International Fitness Center “World Class”.



2007-2011 Medical High school for a Medical Technician in Novi Sad

2011-2015 Graduated the Faculty of Medicine University of Novi Sad for Medical rehabilitation

2015-2018 Graduated the Faculty of Medicine University of Novi Sad Master studies for sports medicine with physiotherapy (Final thesis: Frequency of lumbal syndrome in exercise)

Sports experience

He has been practicing handball from 2005 to 2011

Practicing Taekwondo within the WTF

Federation and owns the Red Belt

Taekwondo Club Gitros Novi Sad.