The unique scientific and professional approach to exercise of the Be Strong Scientific Fitness is based on extensive scientific research and practical training experience. Our philosophy is there is no universal exercise programs, group programs and other similar forms of training. Based on very detailed and reliable diagnostic tests results and examinations, every client receives an individually devised and tailored training program. With this type of exercise and prescribed diet which satisfies all nutritional and energy needs of a body, it is possible to achieve the desired results effectively. During the training, each client has a trainer who takes care of every detail of the prescribed program, controls the load using the resistance of their own body during the floor exercises, without exercise machines and weights, and leads specific exercises on the treadmill, ergometric bicycle or exercises in motion.
There are several different programs which are, along with specific diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures, adjusted for various needs of children and adults of all ages and professions.
Those programs are:

Rehabilitation strength program


Since modern life is taking over, there is big appearance happening known as sedentary way of life which is described as lack of movement or exercising on a daily basis.

Athletic development training


To be a professional and a successful athlete now a days asks a lot of work and dedication. That however is usually misunderstood.

Weight loss program


Weight loss program is not only related with esthetic changes of our body shape. We should know causes for this very common condition in modern age.

Gaining weight program


This program is mostly designed for ectomorph body type which generally means that person is having lack of muscle mass and normal / under fat mass.

Tissue restructuring


Biologically speaking, over the years, our tissues are changing in both directions, positive and negative. One of the reasons (except aging) for that is the way how we are treating them, especially muscle and fat tissue.

Semi-private training program


Semi private training packages in Be Strong are designed for people who wants to reach their goals in more interactive environment. Training sessions are guided by 1 coach and 2-4 people in the group.