Why can’t I lose weight? 

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world. Throughout history, a lot of research focused on the causes of obesity and how it could be prevented or treated. Many seem to think that a lack of willpower causes belly fat and obesity. 

That is not entirely true. Although body condition is primarily a result of eating behavior and lifestyle, it can result from hormones, genetics, insulin, food addiction, leptin resistance, and even misinformation. 

The questions remain the same: Can I lose weight fast and in a healthy way? Is there a correct diet plan I should follow? What are the best exercises to lose weight and make a healthy diet plan for weight loss? 

Effective weight loss based on science 

  • At Be Strong, we won’t force you to lose weight, but we will make you become stronger than any of your excesses. 
  • We won’t tempt you with miracle weight loss programs, but we will offer you the best, and proven weight loss workout plan.
  • We won’t lie to you about a miracle plan for weight loss, 
  • We won’t drain your energy, but we will be there every step of the weight loss journey – physically and mentally. 

Weight loss transformations

Weight loss program Dubai

 Goutam and Apurva exercise more than a year with Be Strong, and their overall progress is possible to describe from different angles. Goutam had basic experience in the gym, and Apurva not at all. After the initial fitness assessment, the body composition test was showing different areas for improvement. Also, we found out various muscle imbalances and compensation of the movements. 

Weight loss assessment results 

Goutam lacked muscle mass and slightly increased overall fat mass and stiffness around the neck/shoulder/hip area, which was causing discomfort in daily activities. Apurva increased visceral fat level and water retention and major over-pronation of the feet, causing knee pain. 

Weight loss journey

Because both of them are two different body types, Goutam is ectomorph and Apurva endomorph; we gave them two different training programs specialized for their condition at this moment. 

In phase one, for Goutam primary goal was to strengthen his back and glute muscles, followed by core stability, and for Apurva primary goal was to strengthen her glute and leg muscles. 

In phase two, we were focusing on the body re-composition of both. Goutam has focused more on hypertrophy strength exercises, and Apurva focused on a mix of strength and endurance. Both programs were done under Be Strong training protocols in terms of intensity, volume, frequency, and recovery between exercises and training. 

Phase three was related to progressive loads and complexity of the training program to improve multiple motor skills at the same time. Now they are exercising with complete confidence, commitment, and positive change in their lifestyle. They lost 20 kg total or 10 kg each, but that was not the primary goal. We gave them an explanation, motivation, and guidance through every repetition, so exercise and training were enough to make this change. They are now more confident, productive, and energetic. Following proper protocols is something very important in Be Strong, from coaches to clients.   



Exercising at Be Strong isn’t just about working out. It’s about being on a health journey that will change your whole lifestyle.

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